Branding Services for Arts and Culture

dandelion in an overgrown field with the Trim Castle, Ireland, in the background

Help people find you

It is time for you to claim your spot in the online spotlight. Let's put your project out there so that those looking can find it.

Show who you are

People need to know what you offer and what you stand for. Let's make those clear with a clear brand and a wonderful customer experience.

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Alexandra Pedro on top of a hill looking into Glendalough, Ireland

Reclaim your time

I know business and I know the pain of being stretched too thin. With me by your side, you can lean on your strengths knowing that your brand is taken care of.

Arts marketing

Find your audience
Increase your impact
Focus on your art

Culture marketing

Share moments
Stand out
Drive engagement
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Want this to be you?

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Branding packages

Not a worry

I will take care of the majority of the initial branding work; you just need to give me the information and resources I ask for and let me take the wheel!

For whom? Those who do not have time to spend on branding.


  • Complete audit and market research
  • Branding
  • Website design and implemention on Webflow
  • Social media and email setup

For how much? Starts at 2000€ as an initial investment and then 500€/month.

By your side

A blend between doing-it-yourself and having my ongoing support. In addition to providing you with all the visual content you need, I will help you keep an updated brand, but you will be in charge of it.

For whom? Those who have time to spend on marketing but need support.


  • Ongoing audit and market research
  • Consultancy and training
  • Visual content for website, social media, and email visual content

For how much? Starts at 500€/month.

Just content

Marketing is something you are familiar and comfortable with. I will just take some load off your shoulders by creating some visual content for your brand.

For whom? Those who have knowledge on marketing and time to dedicate to it.


  • Visual content for website, social media, and email
  • Other

For how much? Starts at 200€/month.

Branding services

home with a heart


Help people buy from you with a website that is beautiful and provides a wonderful user experience.


Social media

Create long-lasting connections with your audience on social media through visual content.



Get your message right to your target audience's inbox and wow them with its design!

Branding support



Ask questions, get advice, and have someone to keep you accountable as you achieve your marketing goals!

person teaching


Empowering you and your team to take your project's brand to the next level.

Want to collaborate?

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