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Your world

We live in a world driven by science and technology - where the digital gains traction and the physical seems to lag behind.

Your challenge

The arts and culture industry is facing new challenges as they adapt to reach new online audiences and deliver their products, services, and events in innovative ways.

Your solution

I am the bridge between arts and culture people and the online audiences they aim to reach.

Your resources

I also offer a bunch of resources for those on a tight budget who want to do-it-themselves.
You can do it!
Spread your message,
be remembered, and be found by those looking for what you offer!

Our clients

"Alexandra did a great job for our company. Very quickly she adapted to our necessities and soon she was writing exactly the content we needed, with just necessary hints from our side. She is reliable and very professional. We also consider her a wonderful person."
headshot of Adis Venero
Adis Venero
Adis Venero Films & Festivals
"Alexandra has been easy to communicate with since day one. She is professional with great experience and writing skills. Besides good advice, she delivered high-quality SEO-friendly blog articles. I highly recommend her and will keep working with her!"
headshot of Hamid Sadoni
Hamid Sadoni
Digi Sposa

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Our mission

I started this business solely because I wanted to write. So much has changed. I have grown and, inevitably, so has this business. It is no longer about my needs or desires. It is about our clients' and the world's.

I believe in a world with arts and culture. I cannot imagine joy in a world that is purely scientific and technological. I exist to bridge the gap between those two dimensions and making sure that neither is forgotten.

I want to make a difference and market arts and culture people, businesses, and organisations in an ethical way. Website, social media, email - all of these can be done in a better and more privacy-friendly way.

I am always innovating and improving my processes and how I give back. If you want to know more about where I am going, check out our About page.

One person, business, or organisation at a time, I will make sure the arts and culture not only survive but also thrive in the digital world we live in.

Alexandra Pedro

Your FAQ

What if I cannot afford your services?

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There is a recommended minimum budget of 500€ for ongoing collaborations, but your quote may be lower than that if you are just looking for one or two individual services. I urge you to contact me anyway - I will help you find a way of doing what you want to do within your budget.

I also offer discounts to certain projects (e.g. non-for-profit organisations and those working on privacy-focused open-source software) as a way to give back to the community. I do this as part of my Giving Back initiative, which has three hours of my work available per week, so spots are limited.

Additionally, you can always just try to do it yourself using the free resources I offer on this website!

What is it like to work with you?

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I am excited and always striving for innovation, known for pushing my clients past what they initially thought we would do. I need you to be ready to give me what I ask for (e.g. graphic elements like your logo, interviews, access to your workplace for photographs), but I will aim to be as autonomous as I can so that you can get back to doing what you love without worrying about marketing!

What kind of businesses and people do you work with?

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I work with people, businesses, and organisations in the arts and culture industry, as well as those who work on privacy-focused open-source software. I typically prefer to work with smaller businesses since that allows me to have direct contact with the stakeholders.

As for the type of people whom I work best with - anyone who is kind and excited about making our collaboration a success!

What if the service I need is not listed on your website?

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It is possible that I do not offer the service you are looking for, but it is also possible that I am still developing it and therefore it is not yet available to the general public. Either way, I urge you to contact me and I will do my best to either provide you with the service you need or point you in the direction of someone whom I trust who is able to provide it instead!

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