Next Steps

1. Have a chat with Ali

Let's kickstart our collab! Schedule your 30-minute chat with Alexandra through the email below!

You can also reach out to Alexandra via email, phone, or social media to mention what you are looking for and provide any relevant links. I always reply! 💛

2. Fill out a form

To make sure no information is lost, after our initial chat, we will ask you to fill a customised form with questions about your project, your marketing needs, and your expectations for our collaboration.

3. Agree on a plan

After we go through all the information gathered, we will come up with a plan for our collaboration and you will have all the power then to suggest changes until we come to a conclusion that suits us both.

Once everything is agreed upon, we will both sign whatever documents are needed, you will send us any files and details we need, and we will get going!

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